Groove Booty 3 dropping on June 27th


One year and one month has past since our inaugural compilation ‘Groove Booty’ was released. Our ethos was to self-release music as one, combining a range of deep and groovy dubstep aesthetics under one banner. Continuing in this vein, we are now proud to present you with the third in the series – dropping in digital formats on June 27th exclusively via our release page.

Stepping up this time around are regulars Geode, Congi, B9 & Jafu with special guests Mercy, Ago, OthaSoul, and the welcome return of K-Lone. A total of 16 tracks, the selection consists of steppy rhythms, choice modal chords and rolling subs, ripe for dance floor and headphones alike. You can preview the clips via our soundcloud page in the meantime.

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