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Groove Booty III

Compilation out 27:06:14
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Congi : Tidal Fragments LP

CD : 14:02:14
Digital : 28:02:14
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Groove Booty II

Out 30:11:13
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Out Now
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Groove Booty I

Released : 24:05:13

Chord Marauders

Chord Marauders is a collective label, composed of four artists Geode, Congi, B9 & Jafu. The collective formed in May 2013 as a means to explore and release their different takes on dubstep. Since then, Chord Marauders has expanded into a broader platform, that showcases the work of like minded producers and hosts a regular night at Plan B Basement, Brixton.

Since the inaugural compilation release “Groove Booty Vol. 1”  – the Chord Marauders (and special guests) have shone through as top curators of weird & intelligent bass music, much to the appreciation of underground listeners worldwide. You can browse and purchase all of their music exclusively via the releases page, including the latest Groove Booty Vol III compilation.

Please feel free to have a nose around the website or our soundcloud and facebook pages. If you have any enquiries, demos or good jokes – you can drop us an email @ Finally, a massive thank you to everyone supporting our music or dropping us nice comments from time to time. Bless ya.