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Jafu – Second Impressions

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Geode - Beluga

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FLO - Emeria EP

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Groove Booty Four

01.05.2016 vinyl release
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Geode: Plankton Gravy

Album release 26.02.15
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Groove Booty III

Released 27.06.14
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Congi : Tidal Fragments LP

CD : 14.02.14 | Digital : 28.02.14
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Groove Booty II

Released 30.11.13
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Released 27.09.13
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Groove Booty I

Released 24.05.13

Chord Marauders

The story so far…

Chord Marauders is the collective/label of Geode, Congi, B9 & Jafu.

The members initially connected through soundcloud during the latter stages of the frenetic post-dubstep period, around 2012. They spent a couple of years swapping dubs and project files, before unifying under one banner, Chord Marauders, as a means to push their vivid and soulful style of bass music.

The most important draw was always their shared sound, described best by David Garber at Thump magazine… “The beats they make don’t sound like dubstep in the Burial sort of way—or early Skream—but more along the lines if the two spent a night in a jazz bar, smoked a blunt, and threw on some sort of velvet jumper.”

Self-reliance was another important draw: pooling resources to produce, design and sell their own music. Whilst more time consuming, it allowed for more creative freedom and a deeper connection between label and listener.

Since forming, the quartet have expanded their ranks, promoting the work of like-minded producers and attracting major support from the likes of Soulection and Phaeleh. They have also hosted events in London, Bristol and Leeds, and have just released their second vinyl.

With the Groove Booty compilation series now in its fourth outing, and solo albums by all four members completed, Chord Marauders has proven itself a prominent light in the UK’s underground music scene. You can browse and download their entire catalogue right here.

A massive thank you from all of us here for the love and support.