B9 - Chord Marauder


Australian born newcomer, Travis Baker aka ‘B9’ first emerged on the dubstep scene at the end of 2012 having spent a few years experimenting with his sound. Since then he has made a huge impression on the genre with seminal releases on Red Shift One and Mindstep, garnering him support from top DJs such as Bunzero & Syte.

His sound bridges the undefined gaps between techno and 140 – underpinned by intelligent percussive rhythms, filtered synthesis and deep sub-bass. Taking influences from the likes of St Germain and Manhattan Jazz Quintet, Travis adorns his music with lush piano motifs and has recently invested in a Fender Rhodes. As a keen sampler & vinyl enthusiast, B9’s tracks also have an unrivalled attention to texture & groove which make for a truly original sound.